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    Vaida Joneikienė, ACME Europe

    • 2009–2012 Product Manager
    • 2012–2014 Product Director
    • 2014 – now General Director

    ‘I am so happy and grateful for my destiny, that at a right time I was in a right place where I met the right people. It all led to me working at ACME Europe. It is a company where I can realize my energy and ideas by 100%, and at the same time gain new experience and grow as a person. Everything in this company: climate, culture, attitude to the business and people, as well as the declared values, such as as kindness, honesty, openness, transparency and simplicity, are the things I believe in and appreciate myself. In my opinion, the best and the most effective way to take and give is while having the same notion about the things. Having a loving family, job, collective and managers, who help you in creating and reaching common goals – these are the great gifts of life!

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    Marijus Miceika, ACC Distribution

    • 2003–2006 Product Manager
    • 2006–2008 Product Group Director
    • 2008 – now Marketing and Product Director

    ‘Working in ACME Grupė group of companies has helped me to find myself, comprehend my capabilities and grow as a person. The team is always open-minded to new opportunities while the managers of the company are very understanding – they are never afraid to risk and make their bravest ideas come true.