The success of ACME Grupė companies highly depends on the personal qualities and competences of people working with us, as well as on the society in which these people grow. We believe that while developing business one has to share its successes and achievements with those who need it the most.

Every year ACME Grupė companies participate in various social projects in order to contribute to the general welfare of the society in countries where we operate.

Listed below are the most recent social projects implemented by the ACME Grupė companies.


Helping to save lives

Every year employes of various ACME Grupė companies participate in blood donation campaigns and become gratuitous blood donors.

Helping for children to grow happily

Last year ACME Grupė contributed to Vilijampolė social care home by donating means which were necessary for reconstruction of special leasure zones, winter garden and general groundscare.

In 2014 we contributed to the Christmas campaign Vaikų svajonės for children living in difficult social conditions by providing Christmas presents: toys, small electronic devices, etc. In addition to this, we provided these 250 children living in Kaunas region with a chance to visit cinema for free.

We donated the necessary bedding for children living in Kaunas foster home Pastogė.

We care for our employees and their children

It is becoming a tradition that every summer we provide an opportunity for children of our employees to do a paid internship while working with their parents. By choosing this kind of internship the future professionals of various fields gain valuable experience which comes handy when choosing their future career path.

Supporting the future

We believe that curious, active and diligent children is the future of Lithuania, thus we sponsor the international contest of critical thinking Matmintinis.


In the autumn of 2015 ACME Latvia, as part of ACME Grupė, was running a social initiative with a simple idea – EUR 0.15 of every ACME LED lightbulb sold was donated to charity campaign